Why NORM Needs Social Media—and Your Practice Does Too

Rheumatology Practice Management June 2018 Vol 6 No 3
Ginny Inman
Senior Associate Communications Specialist
SAS Institute, Cary, NC
Communications specialist, NORM


Social media has become a necessary communication tool in today’s society. Practices can use social media to reach out to patients, potential patients, or other practices. It can grow your business and establish you as a knowledge leader in the field of rheumatology.

Why NORM Needs Social Media—and Your Practice Does Too

The National Organization of Rheumatology Managers’ (NORM) journey into social media started approximately 5 years ago when I graduated from North Carolina State University with my Master’s degree in communications. I walked into a hotel conference room full of smiling, but skeptical, faces and clicked open a PowerPoint presentation titled What is Twitter, and Why NORM Needs Social Media.

Since that meeting, NORM has created and maintained 4 social media channels to engage members, reach out to potential members, and thank sponsors.



Started in 2014, NORM blogs, located under the “News” section on the home page of www.normgroup.org, are the detailed content of our social media strategy. This is where members and potential members go to learn about important industry issues, pick up tips for their practice, or meet Chelsea Vassaur, Certified Personal Trainer, Wilmington, NC, NORM’s Healthy Manager. With more than 115 articles, this is a deep pool of knowledge offered for free to anyone who is interested.


As of May 2018, NORM engages approximately 275 followers on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NORMGroup). Here, we talk directly to members and potential members, and our content is more on the fun side. Members are encouraged to share photos, recipes, videos, and articles, which help us stay connected. On our page, you will find photos of NORM’s president visiting Washington, DC, where she met with legislators to discuss important policy changes, as well as entertaining photos from our most recent annual conference in Kansas City, MO.


Started in August 2014, NORM uses Twitter (@NORMGrp) to reinforce social messages, share industry news, and reach out to sponsors. More than 400 tweets with 185 followers prove this platform is a valuable communication tool.


Find us by searching “NORM Group” on our newest social channel, YouTube. The beauty of YouTube is you do not have to subscribe to watch videos. This channel feeds content to the other social media channels. You can use YouTube to upload your videos and add them to blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. We have had more than 220 views on our Healthy Manager video, “Let’s H2GO,” even though we have less than 20 subscribers because we used all of our other channels to share it.

This platform gives our board members an opportunity to speak directly to members, potential members, and sponsors, as evident in the “Minute with the Board” series, which began in 2017.

I encourage you to join NORM on our social media journey! Members, please feel free to share photos of your practice’s activities, such as the upcoming Walk to Cure Arthritis, or your staff participating at our upcoming annual conference. For questions or more information, please feel free to e-mail us at Outreach@normgroup.org.

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