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On June 1, 2008, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Compounding (USP <797>) was made official. Read Article ›

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) engaged in an unprecedented effort to utilize telemedicine as one of the primary weapons against the disease. Read Article ›

Telemedicine has become an essential tool for urologists as they continue to provide care to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many urologists have questions and concerns regarding the implementation of telehealth services into their practices, including issues related to financial compensation and privacy laws. Read Article ›

Telemedicine will play a significant role in contemporary urologic practices. Although only a small percentage of urologists currently use this technology, many more practices are going to embrace it in the near future.1 Read Article ›

Despite substantially higher costs, specialty drugs can offer value comparable with that of traditional medications under certain circumstances, according to a recent cost-effectiveness analysis covering 12 years of FDA drug approvals. Read Article ›

According to Vicki Kennedy, practice and clinical managers can play a vital role in identifying patient needs and in providing information about resources available to patients. Practice and clinical managers can help bring resource information into the practice and make it readily available to patients. Read Article ›

Increased operational costs coupled with decreased sources of revenue have created unprecedented fiscal pressures on the physician community; practices of all types have renewed their focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiencies to stay ahead in the marketplace. Read Article ›

One of the most challenging is­sues for human resource (HR) man­agers is how best to align company policies regarding appearance, grooming, and hygiene with business necessity, safety, legal compliance, and reasonable accommodation. Read Article ›

In the more than 25 years during my tenure as a nurse, I have had the opportunity to interview, hire, and manage hundreds of nurses. During this process, I have been instrumental in encouraging nurses to move toward oncology care management; this is something of which I am proud. Read Article ›

Think back to a time when you had a bad work experience or left a job. What happened that made you miserable or made you leave? Of course, pay is important, as are other logistical items such as commute time and flexible work schedules for family obligations. But, when we say an employee has “left the company,” most likely it was because of a manager. Read Article ›

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