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In today’s turbulent economic times, physicians are looking for solutions that provide tax de­ductions and the opportunity to save efficiently for their retirement. Read More ›

In today’s litigious society, no one is immune from potential lawsuits. Injured parties are commonly awarded judgments in excess of $1 million. Read More ›

You work hard to accumulate assets for yourself and your family. However, you probably have never given much thought to how you should own your assets or how ownership arrangements can impact your overall estate plan. Read More ›

Although it has been around since 1998 and is one of the best financial tools available, most oncologists, as high-income taxpayers, were unable to take advantage of the Roth IRA because of income limitations. Read More ›

Over their ca­reers, physicians generally purchase large amounts of term life insurance. Term life insurance, for the most part, is a commodity, so the pricing is very competitive and comparison shopping is easy. Read More ›

The question of whether a medical malpractice lawsuit will be commenced is not a matter within the discretion of the physician, but rather within the discretion of the patient and the patient’s lawyer. Therefore, although making oneself “lawsuit proof” is simply not possible, making oneself “judgment proof,” or nearly so, is often very possible, provided only that there has been sufficient advance planning.

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In today’s turbulent economic times, physicians are looking for solutions that provide tax deductions and the opportunity to save efficiently for their retirement. No matter whether you are selfemployed, run a small medical practice, own shares in a large surgical center, or are directly involved in running a corporation/tax-exempt organization, you have the ability to establish a qualified retirement program for you and for your employees. Read More ›

My last article published in the March 2012 issue of Oncology Practice Man agement described the benefits of Key Person Replacement insurance and how it can benefit a medical practice. This article focuses on 2 additional types of disability insurance that are often used to protect a medical practice—Disability Business Overhead Expense insurance and Disability Buy-Out insurance.

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Although most physicians are aware that one of the greatest risks they face is becoming disabled and unable to perform the “material and substantial” duties of their medical specialty, most are unaware that myriad types of disability insurance policies exist to protect their medical practices. These types of policies can assure that ongoing business expenses can be met, that creditors can be paid, and that the medical practice or value of their business interest(s) will be preserved in the event that he or she is unable to return to the practice of medicine. Read More ›

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