Practice Efficiencies

Efficiency in the Urology Practice, Part 3: After the Patient Leaves Your Practice

Every patient who leaves the office should walk out with some written material that has the name of the practice and/or the name of the treating physician. In my practice, every patient receives a testicle self-examination card, and a breast self-examination discussion on the opposite side of the shower card.

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Efficiency in the Urology Practice, Part 2: When the Patient Arrives at Your Office
This article looks to enhance practice management efficiencies when patients arrive at your office. Read More ›

Never before has the concept of efficiency been more important than in 2016 and beyond. Urologists are experiencing a decrease in reimbursement and rising overhead costs, resulting in a potential contracture of their incomes. It does not matter the kind of practice you are in, its size, the location of your practice, or if you are in private practice or are an employed doctor—you will need to place an emphasis on how efficient you are in your practice. Read More ›

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