Psychosocial Support

Caring for the Whole Individual
Vicki Kennedy, LCSW, Vice President of Program Development & Delivery for the Cancer Support Community, emphasizes the importance of understanding all the dimensions of a patient's life. Considering the emotional, social, and financial aspects of a person's life are all important pieces of the treatment equation and necessary for receiving quality care. Read More ›

Adequate Psychosocial Care
Vicki Kennedy points out that it is difficult to define adequate psychosocial care since the needs of each patient vary greatly. More importantly, oncology professionals need to be able to help patients identify their problems and concerns and then find them the resources they need to address those needs. Read More ›

Creating Awareness About Psychosocial Care
Vicki Kennedy explains that there are many groups working to bring awareness to the importance of psychosocial care. Providing resources for psychosocial support services is no longer just a nice thing to do, but a critical part of quality care. Read More ›

Barriers to Psychosocial Care
Vicki Kennedy discusses the various barriers to patients seeking psychosocial support, including stigma surrounding cancer, asking for help, fear, and anxiety. She also mentions that healthcare teams really need to recognize the importance of identifying these needs in patients. Read More ›

Affordable Care Act Lacking for Psychosocial Services
Although the Affordable Care Act has improved access to insurance for uninsured patients, it does not really help patients gain access to psychosocial or mental healthcare. Vicki Kennedy explains that many of those services are often not billable to insurance and that there are organizations working on legislation to help patients gain improved access to those services. Read More ›

Beyond Physical Care
Vicki Kennedy speaks about the many organizations and movements across the country that are working to ensure that patients have awareness of and access to psychosocial support. Groups like the Institute of Medicine and the Commission on Cancer are really driving this critical movement to recognize patient needs beyond the physical. Read More ›

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