I recently tuned into 60 Minutes to watch a segment on oncology drugs. This episode was of great interest to me since I have served as an administrator at a large oncology practice in Ohio for the past several decades. Long before this segment aired, however, I had been formulating my thoughts on the evolution of drug pricing and purchasing practices. During this time, I have observed a strong relationship between multiple levels of the healthcare system that fuel drug costs and purchase practices in community cancer centers in the United States. The practice of pricing drugs is a complex and often confusing process, and there are several trends that seem to contribute to rising healthcare costs. Read More ›

As physicians, nurses, and practice managers continue to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, healthcare disruptions affecting providers, payers, and patients have become the status quo. During a recent oncology conference, thought-leader panelists advised participants to expect the unexpected, not just in oncology, but in the medical system as a whole. Read More ›

The American Pioneer Spirit is still alive today. At the 2012 Cancer Center Business Summit, attendees enjoyed the chance to walk through the challenges and possibilities of an emerging model in cancer care that is quickly becoming a buzzword for change—the oncology medical home. Read More ›

Can we create a system of care that will demonstrate cost-effectiveness and change the way oncology is being practiced? This was the focus of several provider-driven innovative solutions discussed at the 2012 Cancer Center Business Summit. Read More ›

Arecent Kurt Salmon survey of best practices among the nation’s leading oncology networks suggests that ownership can have significant influence on a network’s ability to implement best practices, and provides a road map for each ownership type to enhance its level of development.

Read More ›

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